WED 1.10.14 ‘SMUT’ Kim Manning


In an attempt to create work that challenges perspectives and elicits an array of responses from viewers, I incessantly reference pornographic material within my practice. Engaging with this theme requires access to a variety of media, thus the process of my practice is firmly grounded in a contemporary context and simultaneously highlights our current culture’s heavy reliance on and obsession with technology. As I believe art should be a reflection of the times, my work is an exploration of the accessibility of explicit imagery and the extent to which contemporary culture is mediated by images, blurring the line between the real and the represented.

I reference material from pornographic magazines, internet databases and DVDs. I disaggregate the salacious scenarios and reassemble the image by use of a meticulous colour-block technique and an uncalculated, spontaneously vibrant palette. I choose to depict semi-representational erotic scenarios as I believe the subtle veil of abstraction injects the work with an element of seduction, which tends to be absent in explicit pornographic material and replaced instead with hyperreality. Hyperreality is where porn fails us.

I grew up in Tamworth and always favoured visual arts throughout school. I moved to Sydney in 2007 for the opportunity to study a BVA at Sydney College of the Arts. I completed my BVA in 2012 and recently graduated from my BVA (hons) with first class results in 2013. My work has been shown at SCA Galleries, NG Gallery, the Tate, M2 Gallery and most recently my work was selected to show in FECK:ART (an erotic art exhibition as part of Melbourne’s Fringe Festival) in East Brunswick, Melbourne.

24.9.14 ‘FATALE’ Stellar Leuna


“The middle of a story is the most interesting part for me, I like to depict the moment just before something is about to happen. Characters are either fighting for survival, discovering something strange and amazing, or just hanging out. My idealistic world where fashion-conscious witches and demons blend in with mortals, and teenage girls are allies, not enemies, are created using brush and ink and not much else”

‘FATALE’ will be Sydney illustrator Stellar Leuna’s first solo exhibition showcasing over 20 new artworks.

Show starts at 6pm for ONE NIGHT ONLY

Instagram: stellarleuna

WED 17.9.14 ‘DEIFIK’ Apeseven


Taking heavily from recontextualizing natures patterns , DEIFIK uncovers the divine organic design in skeletal structural systems. Complex biofeedback driven landscapes take form and flight with redevelopment of old structures to provide the frame work for new life.

WED 10.9.14 ‘ACROSS THE TOP’ Marcus Dixon


The untold story of the true characters and creatures of Australia.

WED 3.9.15 ‘PHIBOLOGY’ Phibs

Phibology Flyer

Upcycled cans, t-shirts and new works by Phibs

Opening 6pm – 9pm Wednesday 3rd September.

WED 27.8.14 ‘GOON ISLANDS OLE VACAY’ An exhibition of new works from Brent Smith and Lee Mcconnell


‘OLE VACAY’ takes you on another holiday into the minds of Goon Island’s Olympic medal winning tandem bike team, Brent Smith & Lee McConnell.
A collection of new original artworks showcasing what the tropical mystical paradise of Goon Island has to offer from a day to night to day point of view. A surreal tourist escape getaway location destination…

Enjoy you stay, Ole Vacay!

WED 20.8.14 ‘CONFLICT’ William Nghiem


“CONFLICT” showcases the start of a continuous body of work reflecting upon contemporary issues regarding war and violence.

WED 13.8.14 ‘ALIEN’ Nick Potts

Screenshot 2014-08-12 09.00.20

Take a psychedelic sci-fi trip into space and back. ‘Alien’ is a body of work drawing influence from ancient alien myths of human creation and Alien existence both on earth and in space.

WED 6.8.14 ‘My Life With Momus’ (Part One: Colosseum) – Joel Dickens


“My Life With Momus” (Part One: Colosseum)

Once again painted in situ, this exhibition is an immediate response to the artists situation at that moment in time.

Colosseum; “Should the ground become too soaked with blood, the arena would be covered with a fresh layer of sand and the performance would go on.”

How do horrific news stories impact our otherwise uneventful lives? How do we conduct ourselves, day to day, in the light of worldwide injustice and atrocity? And why should the witness to such suffering deserve to ever dream of personal contentment?

Are we desensitised to the 24 hour media cycle or are we often a little disappointed when the death count isn’t higher? Does it take more deaths to spark outrage these days or are we actually longing for events of magnitude that might provide some distraction from our mediocre lives?

Joel’s response will attempt to render a portrait of contemporary society; compromised, fragmented and bored and seeking entertainment in whatever form that might take.

WED 30.7.14 ‘EVERTHING BEAUTIFUL’ Lachlan Hansen


“Everything Beautiful’ is Lachlan Hansen’s first solo show. The collection encapsulates his fascination with the divine beauty in nature. This sentiment runs through his work with an effortless flow of colour. Lachlan’s extensive background in graffiti and street art influence his work evidently. He uses a combination of spray paint and acrylic which he energetically splashes across the canvas. This compliments his more contemplative use of line work evoking opposing emotions of chaos and calm.


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